Ashley Chavez

Hometown: Placentia, CA

Favorite Asana: Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon pose)

Favorite Word: Inspire

Fun Fact: I studied holistic nutrition and culinary arts in the Pacific Northwest.

As a lifelong athlete, Ashley’s first attraction to yoga was because of it’s physical nature. She quickly thereafter fell in love with the benefits that came from adopting a consistent practice. Ashley came upon yoga in 2014 while searching for her purpose and the answers she needed to help her make sense of her life. Yoga saved her then and has since been her go-to tool in overcoming obstacles and stepping into her full potential; both on and off the mat. She is committed to her own growth as a student so that she is confident in providing safe, thorough, and innovative instruction as a teacher. Ashley’s teaching style is foundational and rooted in alignment, and from this place she hopes to inspire creative expression. Align the body, the mind will follow, and experience inner freedom.


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