Erin Marie Smith

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

If You Could Live Anywhere: Nosara, Costa Rica

Favorite Word: Magnetic

Guilty Pleasure: Charcuterie Platter

I’ve have been drawn to spiritual expansion and growth modalities since I was a teenager, and have had an intense calling to be of service to others. Being a single mom helped me to realize that I couldn’t give from an empty cup so I needed to release the emotional debris that I was carrying and fill my cup daily to be more clear and present for my daughter. I was chronically stressed and struggled to calm my mind so meditation was really tough for me. I was introduced to Breath work a couple times throughout my younger years, but I wasn’t ready to take healing into my own hands. During the pandemic I found breath work again and it had a major impact on my wellbeing. I found that I could finally let my mind go, release anxiety and open my heart. I wanted to share all the benefits with as many people as I could so began my journey into learning how to teach the modality to others. .

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