Kaleen Lugo

Hometown: Under the sun and moon & close to the mountains

Favorite Asana: Savasana  

Favorite day of the week: Friday

Spirit Animal: Butterfly

Kaleen’s simplified approach to the ancient practice is easily digestible for the modern yogi and satiating for any level. Her classes are intuitive and nurture a curiosity to expand and harness the power of one’s own potential. She interprets The Classical Yoga Techniques in a smart and meaningful way to help realign students, providing a safe and nurturing practice. Her aim is helping students draw their attention deeper into one’s own innate intelligence of what might bring them back into greater balance, health, and well-being. You’ll leave feeling closer to your Highest and most True essence, yet open and more interconnected to your fellow yoga community. She believes, “The Better I + The Better We = A Better Society!”

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