Linda Chen

Hometown: Huntington Beach

Favorite Asana: Hanumanasana (monkey pose)

Favorite Word: Blessed

Favorite Singer: Nat King Cole

Fun Fact: I speak two languages, Korean & English

Linda’s yoga journey started 16 years ago, when she went to a class with a friend and hated it!  Fast forward 10 years when Linda lost her business which dealt her a blow emotionally and financially. It was at this point that she truly found and understood the meaning of the practice; the relief that being present in her body could bring and the way yoga could help her do that. From that point forward yoga became her passion and four years ago she got her teaching certificate. She loves to bring the deeper meanings of yoga to her classes and some of her favorite teaching experiences have been with teens and at-risk women. Linda’s style of teaching is informative, compassionate and always about the healing aspects of the practice. She loves to introduce advanced poses to students in a light hearted and exploratory way. Linda is a mom to 3 beautiful children, and holds certifications in holistic therapy, EFT, and reiki oncology.

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