Monique Jaime

Hailing From: San Dimas, CA

Spirit Animal: Phoenix 

Hobbies: painting, ballet, yoga, surfing, wake boarding & snow boarding

About: Monique has always enjoyed the beautiful movements of the physical body. She has been a dancer for most of her life, and she currently still practices Ballet and Jazz at OCC.

Monique’s journey began in the 90’s during the era of step classes. She was looking for something different and more fun, and she stumbled upon Yoga and Mat Pilates and instantly fell in love!

In 2004, she launched her teaching career as a Yoga Teacher. This opened the door to Reformer Pilates. Monique finally found something she loved as much as Yoga. The Reformer gave Monique an extra push, and she knew right away she had to share this method with others.

In 2010, she became comprehensively certified with Balanced Body in Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Barrel Pilates, and everything in between!

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