Sam Gould

Hometown: Costa Mesa, California

Favorite Asana: Tadasana

Favorite Song: Rocky Mountain Raga

Favorite Word: Aletheia

Sam began practicing Yoga with little understanding (knowing) of what Yoga was or is. Through diligent practice, Sam’s curiosity for understanding (knowing) grew in depth and scope through the diversity of what a Yoga practice entails. In this way, the more one practices and learns, the more one realizes how little they know. This process is suggestive of the word Alethia, unconcealedness, meaning the more one seeks out a sense of opening, knowing or truth, the more one becomes disclosed to that knowing. Knowing then evades ones attempt to know. In this capacity, Sam believes that teaching is a student’s occupation, a process of unlearning and re-learning how one perceives of themselves in the world. In this way, Sam still diligently practices Yoga.

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