Stevie Mersola

Hometown: Burbank, CA

Spirit Animal: Owl

Hobbies: Teaching and taking an epic yoga class are my favorite things to do in the entire world! Outside of yoga, I love to be adventerous! Whether it be an outdoor hike, snowboarding the trails, or a spontaneous trip, creating experiences and memories makes me the happiest. If I am not busy being active then you will find me spending quality time with the ones I love, usually over some delicious food, coffee or vino!

About: Stevie has been managing studios for the last 7 years and has found a deep love for start up companies and being apart of creating a community that is far bigger than herself. She feels that management of fitness studios is the perfect marriage of everything she loves: fitness, community, business, and leadership. Stevie managed Vanessa’s pilates studio “PPOC” prior to moving over with her to BOXHAUS, Vanessa’s other place of business, and that’s where their relationship and partnership began. Stevie’s love and passion for teaching yoga infused with her management and marketing skills has allowed her to step into the role of Yoga Instructor Coordinate and Marketing director for Ekam Yoga and Pilates. Stevie is very excited for her future at Ekam Yoga and Pilates and is fully committed to the growth of this company and ready for whatever its going to take to make Ekam successful and a place where everyone who walks through the doors feels welcomed and at home!

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