Toni Arzu

If You Could Live Anywhere: Italy

Fun Fact:  I have a passion for oil painting.

Favorite Word:   Ethereal

Guilty Pleasure: Spicy chips for dinner.

From a young age I found myself constantly moving my body in one way or another. While in school, I had switched my major many times, each time with the conviction that what I had chosen was what I wanted to do. Before covid hit, I was a weight lifter, and deep into my yoga practice. I also noticed that about every two years I would injure myself from moving, regardless of training like a professional athlete! When It was mid covid I lost my sense of self, and fell out of my yoga practice, allowing old injuries to flare up again. How I came to pilates was through searching for a more rigorous healing modality for the body than yoga. I considered yoga active recovery, when what I believe I needed was what the pilates principles could give me. Finding pilates, and noticing that movement was the only thing that mattered to me is what has lead me to pursue a career in pilates, training, kinesiology and more.

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