Yoga Classes



Step onto your yoga mat for energetic bliss where you will experience an introduction into the foundational principles of Vinyasa Yoga offered in 60, 75 and 90 minutes. This dynamic all-levels class will flow you through traditional Sun Salutations, and yoga asanas (postures) while linking breath to movement. This flowing sequence is designed to improve balance, focus, mind-body awareness, and work up a healthy sweat. Our instructors incorporate inspiring music to compliment the flow of class. This class is not heated but the room can reach natural temperatures up to 80 degrees.


The Breathwork Experience & Sound Bath

Billy uses his unique healing abilities to guide people through an evening of breathwork followed by a sound bath. He uses several healing instruments and music to move energy during the breathwork. Billy encourages you with intuitive spoken guidance to create a fully immersive breathwork experience! The breath is followed by a grounding sound bath using, gongs, didgeridoo, and crystal bowls. The breath creates vibration and expansion in the body, which is well complemented by the healing tones you’ll experience in the sound bath. Many students have shared that they have deeply spiritual, and meditative experiences during this practice. Billy is passionate about providing this organic experience to humanity for the opportunity to expand, restore, find hope and feel deep, centered love. Experience the opportunity for a complete transformation in one evening.


Candlelight Restorative Yoga & Meditation

Restorative Yoga is a practice of deep rest and revitalization with gentle floor based sequences using bolsters, blankets, and other props. Use of props supports the student to fully relax the muscles, slow down the mental activity of the brain, shift emotional patterns, bring ease to the breath, and tune into the parasympathetic nervous system’s self-healing capacity. Your body and mind will be in the perfect state to drop into further tranquility as we close class with 10 to 15 minutes of meditation.


Candlelit Yin

In Yin yoga we focus on actively stretching the deep connective tissues and fascia rather than the superficial muscle tissue. This creates more long-lasting effects when it comes to flexibility in the joints, and helps release tension and blocked energy. Poses will be held for 2-8 minutes with the use of props for extra comfort and support. This is a practice of presence, surrender, and inner awareness. Although it may be both confronting and uncomfortable, yin yoga will bring balance to your yang practice (vinyasa), a busy lifestyle, and reduce stress and anxiety.


Gentle Yoga

Prepare for the therapeutic benefits of yoga in this all levels class. If you are dealing with specific health conditions, injuries or simply would like to take it slow, this class is designed for you. You will be given tools to increase flexibility, range of motion and manage chronic pain. Our gentle flow style encourages a softer, well-supported and highly individualized approach using tools such as body awareness, breathwork and meditation; helping you to restore health and balance and find a greater sense of well-being.


Heated Flow

Prepare to sweat in this energetic heated yoga class offered in 60, 75 and 90 minutes. Incorporate a deep connection between asana (postures) and flow of breath. This dynamic all-levels class will take you through traditional Sun Salutations, and yoga asanas, and incorporates applicable core strength to your practice. This class is designed to build strength, improve balance, focus, mind-body awareness, and work up a detoxifying sweat. This class is heated to a temperature up to 90 degrees.


Chartered Yoga

A custom group class catered to your group needs for a fun bonding experience! Class can be hosted at the studio or at your business, home or any outdoor space!


SUP Yoga & Pilates

Join us for a Yoga or Pilates infused Paddle Board Session anchored out! We meet at Newport Harbor Patrol Beach and paddle out, anchor and move our bodies under the beautiful Newport Beach sun!