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We have nurtured a growing community of like-minded folks and want to bring the same energy and effective workouts to your business and its employees. As you may or may not know 20% of businesses are now offering some kind of fitness program to its employees and even more are going above and beyond by incorporating a facility on premises, which we believe is the future! Employees who are fit, healthy and happy will have the power to change the culture of a business.

We are doing a community outreach to collaborate with businesses like yours on expanding the success of your fitness program/facility by adding a Yoga and/or Pilates component. We have done this for other visionary businesses and have had awesome results and lots of happy employees! We set up multiple scheduled daily or weekly Yoga and/or Pilates sessions at your facility and keep them staffed with our awesome pool of instructors. This helps to satisfy everyone’s taste by having a variety of instructors to choose from to not only reach their fitness goals but have a positive impact in their work flow, due to the daily stress relief provided by these sessions! We can set up any of the equipment needed for the sessions through our partner Balanced Body, which is the best and longest Pilates equipment manufacturer in the game! Below are a few testimonials for your reference, we would love to come by and tour your facility to see how we can give back to our community!


See what people are saying about Ekam Yoga & Pilates Corporate Outreach Program.

The partnership between Hurley and EKAM has been very beneficial to me so far. Taking a Pilates class on campus has been a great way to break up my work day and get my blood pumping. It is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed during the work day, so being able to take a 50 minute break to workout has made a world of a difference for me physically and mentally. I have had very pleasant experiences with the instructors from EKAM. It is nice that there’s a different instructor each day, since they all have different teaching styles and routines. Before our partnership with EKAM I had only attended a handful of Pilates classes, so I was a little hesitant to be thrown into a class with more experienced coworkers. Luckily each instructor that I have experienced has helped me modify exercises and boost my confidence and strength in the class. Overall, I am very grateful to be able to take these classes during the week and they have positively impacted my work, body and mind.  

Madelyn Foster

.com Designer, Hurley

I have been attending Pilates now consistently for the last two months, and I am so impressed with the overall results I have been seeing. Not only am I feeling stronger, but I feel more mentally clear throughout the day after attending. The teachers are all uplifting and positive in their instruction, and they all do a great job of varying movement and routines—so there is never a dull moment! I already can see and feel the improvement in tone in my upper body. I’m definitely looking forward to continuing and seeing further results. What I love about using the reformer is that I get to tone and isolate various muscle groups without further damaging my joints. These classes are a great option for people like myself who have past injuries, as they do a great job of providing alternative movements that are just as effective. Love EKAM and the exercise outlet that it provides here at Hurley! 

Elise Martinez

PLM, Hurley

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