Cris Tanzi

Hailing From: Huntington Beach, CA

Spirit Animal : Dolphin

Fun Fact: I’m from Brazil, so I speak Portuguese. My first 2 years in USA I learned Spanish and could not speak any English. Just after getting a job in HB I started to speak English. I worked as an International Meeting Planner for 10 years, and visited many countries around the world.

Favorite Word: Peace

I became passionate about Pilates in 2016 when I pulled some muscles on the chest between the ribcage and Pilates helped me to recover. After that, I decided to change my career and pursue a Pilates Certification Program at Orange Coast College to be able to spread the word of all the benefits someone can get overtime with Pilates. I am fascinated by movement and the benefits you can get over time. I also got a Certificate as a Senior Fitness Specialist and Gerontologist, because I love to improve the life quality of all ages, but specially the senior population.

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