David Danon

Hailing From:  Newport Beach

Spirit Animal:  Wolf

Fun Fact: I sailed around the world for 2 years when I was 19

Favorite Word: Gratitude

Favorite Band: Rolling Stones

David’s mother got into yoga for a little while when he was about 9 years old. He and his brother did it with her and when she lost interest they stopped, but the seed was planted. When he was in his early 20s he got into martial arts and thought yoga would be good for flexibility. He’s been doing it ever since. David says: “Yoga is the process of connecting the individual soul to the collective spirit, thus bypassing the turbulence and restlessness of the mind and body, so it’s ironic that I originally started doing asana to become a better fighter!” David has been practicing yoga for 45 years and teaching for 23 of those. He has taught thousands of students and teaches vinyasa flow at Ekam. 

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