Jamie Friedlander

Hailing From:  Calabasas, CA

Spirit Animal:  Unicorn

Fun Fact: I have a huge passion for healthy cooking & baking and am always exploring clean recipes in my kitchen!

Favorite Word: Impeccable

Favorite Bands: The Weeknd, Drake, Kygo

My passion for helping others improve on their fitness goals has grown so much through teaching pilates. I myself have taken pilates for over 7 years, and immediately fell in love with the workout. I decided to get my certification and it was the best thing I ever did. Through teaching pilates I have learned so much about the body, and nothing is more rewarding than helping others achieve their fitness goals. My teaching style is challenging but rewarding, and incorporates moves to target slow twitch muscles, with a touch of cardio for a full body workout. I focus on full body, compound movements for the ultimate calorie burn!

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