Jill Romero

Hometown: Westchester, New York

Favorite Asana: Anjaneyasana (Crescent Lunge)

Favorite Singer: Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston & Babyface

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate Covered Almonds

Jill was introduced to yoga in 2015 after sustaining a knee injury and was immediately captivated by the practice because it was both challenging and rewarding. Within a few weeks, she had already begun to see changes in her mental health and overall well-being. As Jill was already teaching Spanish at Troy High School, teaching yoga was a natural next step in Jill’s teaching journey. She continues to love her job both as a high school and yoga teacher and is very devoted to her students. Jill is Puerto Rican, speaks fluent Spanish and you will always catch her dancing her heart out at any festivity!

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