Michelle Jennison

Hailing From: San Diego, CA

Spirit Animal: Wolf

Hobbies: Anything outside in the sunshine, beach days are her favorite, SUP, yoga, swimming, spin

About: Discovering pilates more than 10 years ago Michelle fell in love with her own practice first. Teaching cycle before pilates, the two eventually became the perfect balance, complimenting one another. Balanced Body trained, Michelle currently trains in both pilates and cycle, continuing to practice both on her own regularly, always evolving and learning along the way.

With her love for everything outside, worshiper of the sun, camping, hiking, spending time at the beach and in the water these are the things that re-charge her. Spending quality time with family and friends, leading an active lifestyle and maintaining a healthy diet are fundamentals that keep Michelle’s train moving.

Michelle’s mottos most often stem from hard work, dedication and manifestation. Some of her favorite mantras include: “don’t think just go”, “balance and moderation”, “tell yourself now, I can”.

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