Nicolette David

Hometown: Catalina Island

Favorite Asana: Trikonasana

Spirit Animal: Wild Horse

Fun Personal Fact: As a kid, I dodged buffaloes & rattlesnakes to get to school

It was in 2010, after having returned from 2 years of Peace Corps service in Bulgaria that yoga found Nicolette. She was at a point where she was struggling to find her “place” and her purpose. Yoga rescued her then and continues to do so today. She knows that all the lessons, explorations, metaphors, and relationship practice she yearns for can be found in the power, might and grace that is the breadth of yoga. She has truly come to see that Asana is but a small part of yoga. 

Nicolette teaches to be reminded of the complexity and simplicity of our relationships—of body, of mind and of the heart.

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