Robin Martinez

Hailing From: Detroit

Spirit Animal :  Honey Badger 

Fun Fact:  I lived in Israel from 1979-1982 as a teen. My family was stationed there; although we were not military: My father was the liaison that oversaw the building of airbases that the US provided in exchange to achieve the Israel/Egypt Peace Treaty. During that period I learned to speak Hebrew and experience the culture of 2 countries willing to undergo tremendous change.

Favorite Word:  Unstoppable

Favorite Song: Once in a lifetime by the Talking Heads

After spending the past 25 years in a variety of high-pressured sales roles, I recently left corporate America to follow my heart. I started practicing Pilates in 2003 after being introduced to it via Physical Therapy. I had undergone a double knee surgery that I struggled to recover from: After spending 2 years going through extensive diagnostics, it was discovered that the culprit behind it was actually stemming from an autoimmune illness known as Psoriatic Arthritis. In spite of the reality that I was facing a lifetime battle with my health, I quickly recognized that there was a silver lining; and for me that was Pilates. Regardless if I was in the worst flare up, it was the one exercise I could always do and it made me feel strong and capable. In 2009 I earned my certification, initially to deepen my practice as well as try my hand at teaching. One of my first (and favorite) students happened to be my then 10-year-old daughter Annelyse. Although Annelyse is now an adult our shared love of Pilates has been a bonding experience that served to build a foundation for body awareness & strength. When not in the studio you can find me at Farmers Market, or at the beach with my husband Louie with our Shepherd Husky mix Bruce Willis.

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